About Admire Creative Magazine

Admire Creative Magazine is a registered business venture with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) which is founded by the CEO Glory Ebbah who is the Publisher/Editor In-Chief, with the aim & objective of creating social awareness and information about popular event & personalities.

We are a social media based magazine that covers and reveals social event and ceremonies. With the rise in social events and ceremonies everywhere, there is need to create a product that can cover and report these events. Moreover we have seen over the years that there is no adequate and effective professional coverage of events in our time that is why we came up with this outfit/concept "Admire Magazine".

* To adequately inform and report important events that have every enduring positive events on the citizenry.
* To make known to the public the social effects of Nigerians and beyond.
* To touch the hearts of philantropist towards the supports of young creative youths.

To bring to the door step of every individual every piece of information concerning recent event in their communities.

We believe that our publication will shapen up the lives of our esteemed customers.

Our magazine contains full colour with glossy paper which is very attractive and has value for money.

Over 10,000 copies of the magazine per issue is published because the demand is very high.